Automotive Gear Oil


MICKING HYPOID GEAR Oil Series are high quality multi-purpose automotive gear oils designed for passenger car which provides shear stable, superior liquidity at wide temperature range and which runs smoothly while speed changes, formulating with highly refined base stocks and specially selected extreme pressure additives.


Cleaner transaxles / transmissions by minimizing sludge and varnish deposits

Increase driving comfort through smooth gear changing

Protection against rust and corrosion

Excellent low temperature performance


Specially designed for the lubrication of manual gear boxes of passenger cars

All types of manual transmissions that require level API GL-4

When easy gear change is required at extremely low-temperature conditions

Specification and Approvals

MICKING HYPOID GEAR Oil Series meet or exceed the following OEM and Industrial lubricant specifications

Typical characteristics

Product Name HP GEAR HP GEAR
SAE Grade 75W-85W 80W-90
Specific Gravity (@15/4℃) 0.872 0.894
Kinemetic Viscosity (@100℃, ㎟/s) 12.2 15.7
Viscosity Index 180 105
Flash Point (℃) 210 230
Pour Point (℃) -42 -24
BF Viscosity (@-40℃, m㎩·s) 56,000
BF Viscosity (@-26℃, m㎩·s) 90,000

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