MICKING MAX POWER and MAX MULTI are the API SM quality products with semi-synthetic oil type, which are blended with both synthetic and mineral basestock to outperform conventional motor oils.

It is formulated with the leading additive technology to provide the highest level of oil performance as same as Fully Synthetic oil type.

Also its outstanding engine protection meets sophisticated lubrication requirement of current world best automobile makers.

Key Features and Benefits

Excellent anti-wear performance to extend engine life

Superior detergency action to protect against a sludge and a vanish formation in cylinder

Outstanding low temperature pumpability for protection while cold starts

Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability

Excellent protection performance against rust and corrosion

All Micking Premium Oil come in 1L, 4L and 5L bottles; 20L Pails and 200L Drums

Specifications and Approvals

MICKING MAX POWER and MAX MULTI meet or exceed the following OEM and Industrial lubricant specifications

Typical characteristics

SAE Grade 10W-40 20W-50
Specific Gravity (@15/4℃) 0.87 0.87
Kinemetic Viscosity (@100℃, ㎟/s) 14.6 17.3
Viscosity Index 145 145
Flash Point (℃) 230 234
Pour Point (℃) -39 -30
Total Base No. (㎎KOH/g) 7.1 7.1
CCS Viscosity (@-25℃, m㎩·s) 5,200
CCS Viscosity (@-15℃, m㎩·s) 6,200

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