MICKING SUPER 4T is specifically designed multi-grade engine oil for four-stroke engines formulated from superior quality base oils with scientifically proven additives to deliver excellent lubrication properties and meet latest technology

It satisfies the demand of engines under the most severe and varied operating conditions, which is suitable for all daily urban and rural life.

Key Features and Benefits

Advanced anti-wear additives to help to extend engine life

Minimize the formation of lacquer and varnish, as other deposits.

Special additive mix minimizes oil thinning, particularly in the gearbox.

Offering high stress protection at both start-up and during high temperature operation.

Protect against rust and corrosion.

High oxidation stability maintains engine performance throughout the full oil drain intervals.

Specifications and Approvals

MICKING SUPER 4T meets or exceeds the following OEM and industrial lubricant specifications

Typical characteristics

Product Name SUPER 4T SUPER 4T(JASO MA2)
Specific Gravity (@15/4℃) 0.87 0.89
Kinemetic Viscosity (@100℃, ㎟/s) 14.1 15
Viscosity Index 150 121
Flash Point (℃) 230 260
Pour Point (℃) -33 -27
Total Base No. (㎎KOH/g) 7.2 6.92
CCS Viscosity (@-25℃, m㎩·s) 5,300
CCS Viscosity (@-15℃, m㎩·s) 7,780

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