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Assurance of Quality

Sales Rep

We serve as Major distributors for your products, helping you penetrate local markets

Market Survey

We conduct surveys, study local and international markets in order to find product niches.

Quality Assurance

Our concern is Quality, not Quantity.  Our products are guaranteed

Parts Provision

We Provide quality servicing parts for Automobile engines, Tricycles,  lorries and Generators

We Represent Quality Brands

We are passionate about automobiles that are reliable and are responsive at all times

Services Offered

Sales of Micking – Korea’s Number One Top Premium Engine Oil

Power innovation, maintenance free Primax batteries –   by Atlasbx since 1944.

**All products are from South Korea

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

Golden Stone Investments offer quality products that are trusted

Golden Stone offers quality car batteries from the No 1 Battery maker in South Korea - AtlasBX

What Our Clients Say

Our Concern is Quality, not Quantity