We are Sole Distributor in West Africa

We are the Sole Distributor in West Africa of MICKING – No. 1, Top Premium Motor Oil, since 1945; and Primax Battery – Power Innovation Maintenance Free, since 1944 from AtlasBx. All made in South Korea
We are concerned with Quality, not Quantity of services rendered to you .

Major Distributors

We serve as Major distributors for your products, helping you penetrate local markets. We conduct surveys, study local and international markets in order to find product niches.

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Quality not Quantity

At Golden Stone – Our Concern is Quality, not Quantity.  We give you one year guarantee on products. We render the best of services with maximum efficiency

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Drain Interval Benefits

Private Car Owners, Transportation and Haulage Companies; Generators, use MICKING Oil to increase Drain Interval and reduce servicing time

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Explore. PRIMAX. Batteries.

Calcium Maintenance Free Power Innovation from South Korea

Long-Lasting Service Life

Primax batteries are built to span through long lasting service life

Reliable Starting Power

Primax Batteries  are built with high-performance engine starting power

Excellent Electrical Performance

Primax Batteries excel in Electrical performance with maximum cycle life and high rate discharge.

Unique Design For Safety

Primax Batteries pride on excellent safety margin of  build with high specific energy materials

We specialize in Quality Deliveries

Our service ranges for both commercial and private automobile users
Motor Lubricants
Car Batteries
Maintenance Culture
Promise Of Quality

Brands Choice

Works with major Top Brands

Make it an experience to remember