API CL-4 15W-40 (200 LTRS)

Fully Synthetic API CJ-4/SM Motor Oil

MICKING POWER EDGE Fully Synthetic API CJ-4/SM Motor Oil is formulated with the highest and purest quality of synthetic base oils in the world and these top class base oils maximize the effectiveness of the high performance additive system and also maximize operation under severe driving and extreme conditions.


Emission system friendly, low ash formulation helps to keep control exhaust after treatment devices

Advanced anti-wear additives extend engine life

Superior detergency action to protect against a sludge and a vanish formation in cylinder

Outstanding low temperature pumpability for protection during cold starts

Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability

Protect against rust and corrosion

Low volatility for reduced oil consumption

Provide outstanding shear stability throughout the entire oil drain interval

Specifications and Approvals

MICKING POWER EDGE Fully Synthetic API CJ-4/SM Motor Oils meet or exceed the above given OEM and Industrial lubricant specifications.

Typical characteristics

Product Name EDGE EDGE
SAE Grade 10W-40 15W-40
Specific Gravity (@15/4℃) 0.86 0.86
Kinemetic Viscosity (@100℃, ㎟/s) 14.0 13.9
Viscosity Index 152 148
Flash Point (℃) 240 240
Pour Point (℃) -36 -36
Total Base No. (㎎KOH/g) 8.4 8.4
CCS Viscosity (@-25℃, m㎩·s) 5,800
CCS Viscosity (@-20℃, m㎩·s) 4,027
High Temp. High Shear (HTHS) 4.0 4.1

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